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Mid-life / Menopause MOT.

The mid-life / Menopausal years can be extremely challenging. It is a busy period filled with conflicting demands of work & family life + the need to get a handle on your altered physiology that comes with the Menopause.


Whilst it seems like a burden to most, it is also a great opportunity to be selfish and take stock of our situation, working to develop positive, life-long skills and behaviours to enable you to be your absolute best.


Don't let your health take the backseat. Many Women go along suffering in silence, thinking that what they are experiencing is normal and something to 'deal with'. There is always something that can be done. Make the choice now & your future self will thank you.

Who is this for? 

Any Women who is going through the peri-menopause / Menopausal years and beyond. 


What does the MOT include?

- Detailed recording of medical history including but not limited to:

- Injury and illness history 

- Birth history 

- Surgical history 

- Bladder/bowel concerns 

- Pelvic floor & prolapse concerns 

- Discussion of medications & HRT 

- Review of Menopause history and symptoms 

- Assessment of weekly exercise regime with guidance to ensure you are meeting your individual needs. 

- Review of influencing lifestyle factors including: 

- Nutrition

- Sleep patterns 

- Smoking & Alcohol

- Stress management 

- Basic movement assessment looking at how you perform certain exercises and movement patterns. 
- Objective data collection for some key strength/fitness indicators. For example force production, grip strength, VO2max and more.

All of this is done within a 60-minute session.


What will you leave with?

- A plan outlining the next steps on how to tackle the Mid-life/Menopausal madness that is individualised to you.

- Onward referral to relevant health professionals if necessary and desired e.g. pelvic physio, dietician, psychologist etc. 


How do I get started? 

- Submit your details via the contact form at the bottom of this page or, 

- Email your interest to or, 

- Contact Pure Sports Medicine to book your initial assessment. 


We can't wait to help.

"Through Francesca's expert knowledge, understanding and encouragement - my rehabilitation has had a holisitc approach that specifically caters to my personal health and lifestyle needs. Her personable and educational demeanour has been incredibly motivating and rewarding in regards to the results I have been able to achieve under her guidance". 


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