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Francesca Sills

​My name is Francesca but you can call me Frankie. 

My understanding of what it truly means to be ‘healthy’, both for myself and for others, is something that is forever evolving. This constant need for learning and discovery has lead me to many different areas of the health industry including Exercise Physiology, Strength and Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation. Discovering what the body and the mind are capable of is a never ending journey that continues to amaze me and only further ignites my passion for what I do. Creating ways to enable others to have these same discoveries and experiences is a necessity.


My number one priority is working with what you already have, using exercise and movement to allow you to feel strong, confident & in control, able to take care of your health independently and live the life you envision for yourself. 


The mid-life & Menopausal years can be extremely challenging for Women. Let's change this experience to be one of learning and discovery where you have the opportunity to create life-long habits tailored to what you need and no one else.

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